Science Of Gratitude and Positive Thinking

Updated: Mar 29

How to manifest faster and live a better happier life using gratitude!

By Perfectly Taylored Writing - January 2021

Throughout our lives, we’re always been taught to be thankful for what we have. “Thank you” is one of the first statements that children are taught. Being appreciative of what we have is a standard in society. But there’s even more to it than that. Being thankful is merely a step in the process of practicing gratitude.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. When you’re thankful for what you have, you’re simply acknowledging it and letting it go. By practicing gratitude, you’re learning to meditate on the things that you feel grateful for.

But why should you care?

The growing evidence suggests that gratitude is a key element for sparking positive and sustained changes in individual well-being.

-Robert Emmons in Gratitude, subjective well-being, and the brain

The Effects of Gratitude Mental & Emotional

Practicing gratitude has an enormous impact on mental health. Studies have shown that by practicing gratitude for only a few minutes a day for a few weeks, happiness is increased by up to 25% for up to 6 months!

When you practice gratitude, it lowers stress, as it helps you stop thinking about what you don’t have and to start focusing on what you do have. This allows you to let go of the constant stress of trying to struggle to get what you think you need. It reduces the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, and increases production of dopamine, a happy hormone.

Studies have proven that gratitude helps with depression by rewiring your brain to look for and notice the positive things in your life and increases your happy hormones.

Recording gratitude also creates a more positive mindset, which helps you be more positive about upcoming weeks.


Gratitude also improves your relationships with the people around you. Since studies have proven that it leads to better mental health, you become a better participant in the relationships with the people around you. It creates a more balanced way of dealing with emotions. You learn what you appreciate in the people around you, so it helps you make better choices of who you want around you. It’s also easier for the people around you, as you tend to verbalize your gratitude for them more, so they recognize that they’re appreciated. If you’re practicing gratitude instead of being negative, you tend to stop comparing yourself to the people around you in such a negative way, therefore creating less of a sense of competition in relationships as well as increasing self esteem.

Physical Affects Of Gratitude

With lots of new studies coming out regarding gratitude, there has been more science released on the physical benefits of practicing gratitude.

One of the biggest benefits is a better quality, deeper and longer sleep. Participants in a study done in 2003 (Counting blessings versus burdens: An experimental investigation of gratitude and subjective well-being in daily life by Robert Emmons) recorded that after a 10 week long period of recording moments in a day that they were grateful for, sleep was significantly improved.

Participants in this study also recorded less physical pain, as well as less illness. This supports the fact that practicing gratitude strengthens the immune system and lowers physical pains. Further studies have gone as far as proving that grateful participants reported less headaches, gastrointestinal problems and respiratory problems.

(A Thnx A Day Keeps the Doctor Away)

Participants in Robert Emmons’ study also reported that they spent more time exercising, which is good for the body and the mind.

Gratitude has been proven to help spiritual health as well, as it creates a very healthy, positive vibrational frequency that’s perfect for manifesting the things that you want in your life. When you focus on the good things happening in your life, you attract more of those good things.



You Attract/Manifest More

When you practice gratitude in your daily life, you change your mindset. You create joy and a feeling of abundance. Positive emotions attract positive things, and when you focus on the things that you appreciate in your life, it becomes easier to manifest more.

The Law of Attraction, as you know, states that like attracts like. The more you focus on the positive things in your life, the more you attract those same things to you. If, instead, you focus on the negative, you attract more negative.

You Notice More Positivity in Your Life

By writing down the things that you’re grateful for every day, you notice more of those moments happening in your daily life, and less of the bad. This is thanks to your Reticular Activating System noticing more of the good stuff, instead of the bad stuff, as discussed in our previous blog.

As you begin to acknowledge more positive moments that are helping you work towards your goal, you have more to be grateful for. It becomes a positive feedback loop, with more and more positive happening, and more events that are working with you.

You’re A More Positive Person

For the Law of Attraction to work, to be able to manifest successfully, you need to have the most positive mindset that you possibly can, and practicing gratitude helps you to become positive.

Research has shown that gratitude helps keep out negative energy and emotions, and instead puts you in a more positive vibrational frequency. This creates a more successful mindset for manifesting.

Gratitude & Journaling

We created Abracadabra Journal to help make your gratitude practice easier. As previously mentioned, writing out what you’re grateful for is a great first step. At the bottom of each page, there’s a section that you can fill out what you’re grateful for. When paired with a section for manifestations and another for daily affirmations, Abracadabra is a recipe for success.

There are so many ways to practice gratitude daily. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. All that matters is that you’re feeling gratitude for the things in your life, and you’re putting out to the Universe the things that you love in your life, and the things that you want more of.

Continue to manifest and aim to bring more of this wonderful positivity into your daily life and change the way you achieve your dreams forever.

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